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Water Methanol, Gas Carbureted 4500 Flange, Stage 1, WOT Activated

Water Methanol, Gas Carbureted 4500 Flange, Stage 1, WOT Activated

Our Price: $563.71

Product SKU: SNO-15035


NX Water-Methanol Injection systems provide increased performance with or without nitrous. Water Methanol Injection cools your incoming air charge and increases the total octane effect of pump gas. This allows you to run increased timing which results in increased power and torque. When used with Nitrous, the need for timing retard is greatly reduced or eliminated. Boosted applications especially benefit from reduced intake temperatures. NX Water / Methanol systems include the latest technology and the highest quality components available.

This innovative plate combines the performance and safety benefits of Water Methanol injection with the horsepower and throttle response improvements of a carburetor shear plate. This design places the water methanol nozzle in the center of the Carb bores for excellent cylinder to cylinder distribution. The system includes a high output water methanol pump, a 3 quart tank, filtered nozzles, push lock line as well as everything needed for the installation.

  • Fits on Dominator or 4500 series intake flanges.
  • Stage 1 systems are activated by a wide open throttle switch

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