water-methanol injection accessories
Water-Methanol Injection Accessories

Injection tubing, controllers, nozzles, injection plates,
and much more!
gas water-methanol injection kits
Gas Water-Methanol Injection Kits

Complete injection kits for your supercharged,
turbocharged, N/A, or high compression gas
diesel water-methanol injection kits
Diesel Water-Methanol Injection Kits

Complete injection kits for your turbo diesel vehicle.

Snow Performance Test Reports/Reviews/Videos
Check out real world dyno tests and articles on
Snow Performance water-methanol injection.

Water-Methanol Fail-Safe (Safe Injection)

Explore the ultimate water-methanol fail-safe! The patented Safe Injection module brings state of the art
technology to water-methanol injection.

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Snow Performance
The Water-Methanol Injection
As the largest and oldest water-methanol injection company, we bring experience and insight to all aspects of water-methanol injection. It is our promise and passion to deliver a state of the art water-methanol injection experience to our customers through quality components (Made in the USA), honest marketing, expert technical support, industry leading customer service, and offer products that deliver an outstanding value to all Snow Performance users regardless of location. Our vision is for all to benefit with this great technology and to provide quality water-methanol injection kits & systems that simply perform. We love what we do and would like to invite you to share in the Snow Performance promise of quality, value, and performance.


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