"...over 78 hp from $1.50 worth of methanol... Talk about horsepower per dollar." - Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords, June 2004
Carb Spacer Plate, 4150 Style

Carb Spacer Plate, 4150 Style

1" thick adapter plate allows a very clean and easy installation of our injector nozzles (one or two) on carbureted applications using square-bore Holley, Edelbrock, or Carter 4 barrel carburetors.

*NOTE* Mounting injector nozzle below throttle plate requires a Solenoid Upgrade (#40060).

Don't forget about these optional upgrades:

Safe Injection
The latest design monitors flow real-time in the system and warns the driver if flow goes below an adjustable set point!

Solenoid Upgrade
For post throttle-body or carb installation, or trunk/bed mount reservoirs.

Dual Nozzle Upgrade
To mount an additional nozzle. Includes a 24" length of high pressure tube.

Low Level Indicator
Warns you with an LED light when you are low on fluid.

2.5 Gallon Reservoir
For more range. Excellent for road racing applications.

Dominator Carb Spacer Plate
Same twin port design for those running 4500 style carbs.

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Legend: 'I' means Installation Instructions.  'D' means Dyno Chart
  I  40050 Carb Spacer Plate, 4150 Style $63.06