"A couple months back I installed a Snow Performance Tow Max kit into my 99 F350 Crew cab dually shop demo truck. The truck has a 6 in lift and is running 22.5 Semi tires so the rolling mass in huge. With the kit I have gained on average a 1.5 MPG increase on fuel economy, which comes out to a 12.5% gain on a 9500 lb lifted truck! When pulling my EGT's before the kit would hold steady at around 1000* running 80mph on the interstate and spike up high when I'd hit a hill. With the kit on I hold around 850* on the flat and never get over 1250* on hills which means I can now even tow on my 160 HP custom tune if I wanted too! I had expected some gains out of the kit but didnt figure they'd be half of what was advertised since that's normally all smoke and mirrors. With a much heavier than normal truck I'm getting results dead in the middle of what was advertised. With these fuel savings the kit will pay for itself in under a year of driving. Couldn't be happier!!!
" - Jordan Arneson, A & B Service Garage LLC Brookings, SD
Boost Juice

Boost Juice™

Boost Juice™ is Snow Performance’s proprietary mix of 49% methanol and 51% purified water. It is made in a controlled environment with special care to make sure the ratios are accurate to result in a high performance water-methanol fluid formulated for use in the Boost Cooler™ injection system. Boost Juice is required as the exclusive fluid for lifetime warranty.

*NOTE* Boost Juice CAN NOT be shipped outside of the United States. Boost Juice CAN ONLY be shipped using Ground service.

Don't forget about these optional upgrades:

Safe Injection
The latest design monitors flow real-time in the system and warns the driver if flow goes below an adjustable set point!

Solenoid Upgrade
For post throttle-body or carb installation, or trunk/bed mount reservoirs.

Dual Nozzle Upgrade
To mount an additional nozzle. Includes a 24" length of high pressure tube.

Low Level Indicator
Warns you with an LED light when you are low on fluid.

2.5 Gallon Reservoir
For more range. Excellent for road racing applications.

Carb Adapter Plate
Perfect for a clean installation on a 4150 style carb setup. 4500 Dominator plates also available.

7 Gallon Reservoir
Excellent for long range trucks and some marine applications.

Nitro Booster
A special blend of nitro-methane and other ingredients to increase the power of your gasoline application!

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Legend: 'I' means Installation Instructions.  'D' means Dyno Chart
    40008 Boost Juice™ 4 gal case $35.65