"Thank you Snow Performance! Your Water/Methanol kit kept my temps under control all weekend at Buttonwillow with temps in the high 90's!!! Great power benefits helped me finish in the top three in a group of over 40 cars!" - Scott VanderHeide, Fontana Nissan
NGM Diesel Sets New Record

NGM Diesel Sets New Record

Wade Moody and the NGM Diesel Performance team set a new record as the quickest common rail, single turbo diesel pickup truck. Wade reports an EGT reduction of 300-400° f using the Snow Performance Boost Cooler.

The NGM Dodge pickup serves double duty as a daily driver and race truck. With a number of performance upgrades, including the Boost Cooler, Wade cranked out an impressive 11.04 e.t. with his 960 whp 5.9L Cummins.

Congratulations to Wade and NGM for a remarkable achievement!