"Complete with everything you need to install it - short of a car and tools..." - Import Tuner, September 2006
New Stage-3 Water/methanol Injection System for Diesel Towing/RV

New Stage-3 Water/methanol Injection System for Diesel Towing/RV

New Boost Cooler® Diesel kit gives 100+ lb/ft Torque increase, 250°f decrease in Exhaust Gas Temps, and better fuel economy!

Snow Performance has developed a new Stage-3 Diesel Boost Cooler® water/methanol injection system for towing/RV diesels. 100+lb/ft torque increases and better fuel economy have been consistently demonstrated. Just as important, over 200°f reductions in exhaust gas temps are common so full power can be utilized for long periods of time such as towing a load up a long grade. Designed for towing, and power, unlike other power adders, it really gives the best of both worlds – big power and cooler combustion. In the words of one satisfied customer, “ now I can tow my trailer 20 miles/hr faster up the steepest grades with cooler EGT’s”. Better yet, this is all accomplished with a fluid that costs less than $1 a gallon!

The Stage-3 Diesel kit features a new Digital Variable Controller with a 2d map programmed into it’s microprocessor that takes both boost and exhaust gas temps into account in regulating injection. The net effect is smooth power in all engine load states with no combustion quench resulting in a true turn-on-and-forget system.

The controller is dash mounted and includes read-outs for boost, exhaust gas temp, and pump output for full visibility. This feature precludes the need for boost and EGT gauges. This provides for a $200-$300 savings if these were to be purchased separately.

Designed as a chemical intercooler for turbo-diesel applications for increased air density and power, the Boost Cooler® also conditions combustion so more fuel and boost can be utilized safely. Methanol acts as an additional fuel source and water cools combustion as evidenced by cooler exhaust gas temperatures. The key is atomization and by injecting at over 200psi through a nozzle that spins the fluid supersonically before forcing it through a venturi-shaped orifice, cooling and power are unparalleled. In the words of Steve Estrada at SuperFlow Dyno Corp.: “the Boost Cooler® by Snow Performance showed more horsepower per dollar than anything we’ve ever tested”.

The Boost Cooler® has received much press recently in diesels as two world records were recently set. In Sept. ’04, Greg Hogue set the diesel truck world record in the quarter mile at 8.54 seconds using the boost Cooler®. In Nov. ’04, Scott Bentz and his Boost Cooler® equipped Rocky Mountain Cummins Diesel Dragster set the overall quarter mile diesel world record with a time of 7.98 seconds!! Although applicable to any diesel, the Dodge 5.9 Cummins, Ford Powerstroke®, and the GM Duramax® have become popular applications.

Priced at just $769, the Stage-3 Diesel kit includes a 150+ psi high volume pump, new 2d mapped Digital Variable Controller that puts just the right injection quantity in under all conditions, specially designed 2-stage nozzles, and all the necessary parts to install on a diesel for an easy installation. The kit can be used on 100-1000hp/ 5-150psig boost applications. Installation takes just 3-4 hours.