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Increase Horse Power 75+

Reduce EGTs Up To 300 Degrees While Towing

Reduces Fuel Wasting Regen On New Trucks

Increased Fuel Economy - Lab Proven 1-3 MPG

Warranty Friendly - Will Not Leave A Signature On The Computer

Diesel Water-Methanol Injection 101

Being a thermodynamicist, the designer of the diesel engine, Rudolf Diesel, had water injection as part of his first engine patent! He understood that if more heat of combustion could be used for work (torque) rather than having it just go out the tail pipe, more power could be generated with the same amount of fuel. How does it work? A fine mist of water or water-methanol is injected into the intake of the diesel after the turbo and intercooler but before the intake manifold. As these very fine droplets change state from a liquid to a gas during combustion, more power is developed from the same amount of diesel fuel. Methanol acts as a fuel and the water adds power through the "steam" effect and significantly reduces EGTs. The result is higher combustion efficiency which yields increased fuel economy, increased torque and HP, and decreased exhaust gas temperatures.

Figure 1.1 Rudolf Diesels original patent for the "Diesel Engine" with water-injection present for increased engine efficiency

HP Baby!
"The best way to increase horsepower on an emissions equipped diesel" Diesel World Magazine

Snow Performance diesel water-methanol injection kits add 75+HP on all full size late model diesels while injecting a 50/50 mixture of water-methanol. Turn the system on when you want 75 HP turn it off when you don't! Keep in mind that this 75 HP does not create more black smoke, does not decrease fuel economy, and actually decreases EGTs and the amount of time the truck will go into active regen.

Figure 1.2 Impressive horsepower gains on the dyno from a Snow Water-Methanol Injection kit

EGTs Meet The Boost Cooler
Now you can enjoy worry free towing! There is no reason to "take your foot out of it" when towing a heavy load because of high EGTs. A Snow diesel water-meth kit puts combustion temperatures back in the safe zone while towing. Nothing cools EGTs better than diesel injection! While an intercooler can become heat soaked a Snow Performance water-methanol injection kit continuously injects fresh water/methanol into the combustion chamber for reduced EGTs while the vehicle is under a high load. If you are having trouble with EGTs while towing up grades or driving around town a Snow Performance diesel water-meth kit can help!

Figure 1.3 Water-Methanol enters the cylinders and performs "chemical inter cooling" drastically reducing the EGTs of the diesel

Who Doesn't Want Increased Fuel Economy, Decreased Emissions, Less Regen, and a Cleaner Running Truck
A water-meth kit adds fuel economy by breaking up the diesel fuel already injected into the combustion chamber into smaller droplets. This way more of the diesel fuel is burned during combustion and doesn't leave the exhaust pipe as black smoke or clog up a DPF. The added methanol/water also has a HP boosting effect. On top of this the water-methanol steam cleans the manifold/valves/combustion chamber for a clean running diesel free of carbon build up.

Figure 1.4 With a diesel water-methanol kit more diesel fuel is burned inside the combustion chamber resulting in increased fuel economy, less emissions, and increased power!

50-State Legal? Lets Talk

With strict emission requirements it is getting difficult to increase performance in a diesel. The U.S. Department of Energy tested our MPG-MAX system with results showing decreased emissions of 50% when water is being injected with no signature being left on the vehicles computer. Snow Performance offers a 50-State legal MPG-MAX system at the following link:

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Snow Performance Diesel Water-Methanol Injection Kit Advantage

Snow Performance was the first manufacture to create a diesel water-methanol injection system in 2001. We have the largest selection of custom diesel water-methanol reservoirs & accessories and specialize in all late model Ford Powerstroke, Dodge Cummins, and Chevrolet Duramax engines. Our kits feature 100% methanol resistant stainless steel/nickel platted fittings & solenoids, ISO 9001 manufactured controllers, and award winning reservoirs all made in the U.S.A.. We are the only water-methanol injection company winning multiple SEMA awards for our components compared to other diesel water-meth manufactures and the 2014 winner of the Diesel Tech Show Stopper Award for industry leading innovative products.

Highest Atomizing Pump/Nozzles
Although similar looking pumps exist they do not come
with the handful of proprietary features that separate the
Snow Performance 300 PSI pump from the competition.
Snow Performance Water-Methanol Controllers ISO 9001 Manufactured Controllers
Snow Performance controllers are built to ISO 9001
standards right here in the U.S.A to ensure there quality
and robustness.

Most Awarded Systems

Our diesel kits have been put to the test by various diesel magazines, media outlets, and SEMA to be of the highest quality/performance compared to the competition.
Stainless Steel Check/Valve Standard
Every diesel injection system comes with a robust stainless steel check/valve inside every nozzle holder for increased safety and reliability.
Highest Selection of Custom Reservoirs
Browse our selection of water-methanol reservoirs and decide which one will be best for your diesel application. Comes in 2.5,5, 7, 10, and 35 gallon options.

Only Vehicle Specific System On The Market

Snow Performance has gone the extra length to develop our proprietary injection boots. These boots fit in between the intercooler & intake on certain applications and allow seamless integration of water-meth nozzles without drilling/tapping the intake.

Vehicle Specific Kits Diesel Stage 1 Boost Cooler™ (Hobbs Switch Activated Water-Methanol Injection Kit For Diesel Engines) Diesel Stage 2 Boost Cooler™ (Boost Activated Water-Methanol Injection Kit For Diesel Engines)
Diesel Stage 3 Boost Cooler™ (Boost & EGT Activated Water-Methanol Injection Kit For Diesel Engines)
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