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04/16/14  2014 GT-500 Wins MATS Dyno Shoot-out with 700 RWHP and Water-Methanol!

Snow Performance’s 2014 GT-500 made 700 RWHP to win the dyno shoot-out in the supercharged category at Mopars at The Strip on pump gas with basically three mods- 2.4” SC pulley, FMS oval throttle body, and new Comp-One™ water-methanol injection system. "Download File" to Read More...
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03/21/14  See the April issue of Performance Business Magazine for Matt Snow’s insight on The Diesel Performance Market.

Diesel Performance is alive and well says Performance Business Magazine.! They interviewed key people in the performance aftermarket for their thoughts on now and the future.
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03/18/14  Snow Performance 2014 Mustang Makes 627 Rear-Wheel Horsepower

Snow Performance’s 2014 GT-500 made 627 RWHP on pump gas (without water-meth). The result is up from 583 RWHP in bone stock form. The testing was done at Colorado Speed Company’s Superflow dyno by driving stock super charger 28 percent over stock (2.4” upper along with a 10% lower). Water-meth and tune soon to be added (New Comp-One system). See end results in upcoming issue of 5.0 Mustangs Magazine! Read more about this on our The Snow Performance Experience Blog.
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03/18/14  Snow Performance Releases New 50-State Legal MPG-MAX™ Diesel System

In response to requests from California customers with street driven diesel trucks, the popular MPG-MAX™ water-methanol injection system from Snow Performance, is available in 50-state legal form. Read more about this system on our Snow Performance Experience Blog.
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03/04/14  Diesel World Magazine gets a 244 HP and 288 TQ Increase with new Comp-One™ water-methanol injection system!

Diesel World Magazine demonstrates a 244 HP increase with the New Comp-One™ system on a 2004 Dodge Cummins basically doubling the power with one modification! Read how this new system is the most powerful and comprehensive water-methanol injection system available!
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02/04/14  See Mopar Muscle Magazine for how to run a high compression 440 6-bbl on pump gas with full timing!

In the Feb issue of Mopar Muscle, editor Randy Bolig shows how the new muscle car system from Snow Performance allows full timing - 40º! - to be run on pump gas. This increase in timing showed a 16hp increase. better yet, it was across the entire RPM band!
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