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News: Hot off the presses

09/25/14  New! Boost Cooler® available with Braided Lines!

The Boost Cooler® Water-Methanol Injection System is now available with stainless braided tubing for that custom look and EZ plug and play installation! Stainless Steel Wire Braid-Protected Synthetic methanol proof EPDM Hose that withstands 1250 Max PSI. Available for your specific system with pre-made lengths for plug and play installation.
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09/02/14  SVT Performance gets 64hp on a 2014 Shelby GT500 using the Boost Cooler® water-methanol Injection System!

See www.svtperformance.com highlights just how much power and cooling you can expect from a Snow Performance water-meth system on a 2014 stock SC GT500. see link: http://www.svtperformance.com/?p=5010#more-5010
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07/17/14  New Hours for Tech Help

Effective immediately, our expert technicians will be available to answer your questions from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Mountain Standard Time.
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07/08/14  See Snow Performance this weekend on Stacey David’s Gearz TV!!!

Check out Stacey David's GearZ this Sunday, July 13, 2014 on MAVTV featuring Snow Performance: MPG-Max Injection System for Diesel Trucks!!! Follow the link below to search your channel/provider for MAVTV:http://www.mavtv.com/get-mavtv/find-mavtv.html
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06/04/14  Great write-up on the Stage-3 Mustang Boost Cooler™ in this month’s NASA Speed News!

Great write-up on the Stage-3 Mustang Boost Cooler™ in this month’s NASA Speed News highlighting the benefits and features of this system over other systems. Click Read and download for link.
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05/12/14  See good article on water-methanol injection - “Hypodermic Horsepower” - in the latest ( June 2014 issue) of Car and Driver magazine!

Written by ex-editor and distinguished automotive writer Csaba Csere, this article address the ins-and-outs of the most common chemical power adders. Writes Csere, “the cooling (of the air charge) can be more than 100ºf …can add much usable power and safeguard”.
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